Tips and Tricks – Buy quality things that last

When you are making a purchase you might just automatically go with the cheapest option out there. This is not always the smartest money move. Think about how many of the items you would have to buy to pay for the same thing which is a much higher quality that will last. Then think about how long it will take for you to go through the cheaper option, now double that time frame. If you can see the higher priced better quality item lasting as long or longer that the time frame you calculated it really would be the better option to purchase the more expensive option.

An example of this is a very nice pair of dress shoes vs a very cheap one. The better quality shoe could last you years and years, I have a pair that is still going strong after 25 years. That pair cost me $100 and I think it was a very wise investment.

Tips and Tricks – Use a programable thermostat

If you are like me then you are currently setting the thermostat and then forgetting about it until you are too hot or too cold. For me that means I’m either heating or cooling my place way too much.  With a programable thermostat the temperature will change to exactly where you want it to be at the time you set it. So if you change the temperature and forget about it the thermostat will bring the temp back to where you want it and you will be saving money by using less energy.

Tips and Tricks -Hit up Garage Sales

What’s the saying one mans trash is another man’s treasure. Around me, the weather is finally pretty good consistently so I am starting to see more garage sales popping up. Now if you don’t need anything I don’t recommend tempting yourself searching out some good deals. But if you are like me you have a running list of things that you want to or need to replace, and it’s not an emergency to replace them so you haven’t. Checking out garage sales for these items might just score you what you are looking for at an amazing deal.

Tips and Tricks – Batch Cooking

Some people love cooking, others tolerate it and some just don’t like it. But we all need to eat and if you are watching your waistline and or your budget you will want to be eating at home. So you will be cooking. A way to make it easier is to batch cook. This means you are either spending the time to make multiple meals in one sitting so that down the road you just have to cook the meal to get it on the table. Another easier way to batch cook is to just double to a recipe so you have one for that night and then you also have one meal for the freezer to have on another day. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to make 2 meals instead of just one, and on a busy night, the ability to pull dinner together from the freezer will be Somethin that you will enjoy and appreciate.