25 Days of Christmas – Day 25


First off for Day 25 Merry Christmas. Today why don’t you think about going to serve someone else. Serve meals at a homeless shelter, help out at an animal shelter. Use some of your time on this day to help someone less fortunate than you. Since my kids will once again sleep till noon/1pm I am taking a 9-noon shift at the humane Society I volunteer at. So I will feed, scoop litter pans and love on my little furry friends.

25 Days of Christmas – Day 24


For day 24, one of my favorite activities during the holidays is going to Christmas Eve services at church. When the kids were little it was the earlier service for kids, but then once they were old enough it was the evening candle lit one. So why not share this experience with someone else, invite another family, person or couple to join you at your church service., or even go to theirs.

25 Days of Christmas – Day 23


For day 23, during the holidays most people go to a lot more parties than during the rest of the year. So you are going to need more hostess gifts to bring along to these parties. A great idea is creating your own wine and cheese platters. This is something that everyone will be able to enjoy at the party and your hosts will enjoy receiving.

25 Days of Christmas – Day 22


For day 22, let us look at board games today. Board games are a great gift because they are something that will give lots of enjoyment. As a hostess gift for a friends gathering, that you can actually use the night it’s given. As a family gift board games are for family game night, and getting one as a Christmas gift will add another game to your arsenal.

25 Days of Christmas – Day 20


For day 20, If you have a child in elementary school I’m sure you have already received or will most likely will receive a Christmas ornament. This is also something that you can do at home, they can be very simple like getting a clear ornament that you can put a picture into. This would be a great grandparent gift or even to have your child make for a parent, something you could actually do every year and would be a great gift to your child fr the first Christmas they are married.