Planning is good but things never go as planned


I don’t know about you but no matter how well I plan things never turn out as I plan. That is why I prefer to think of plans as being a roadmap, and just knowing that I might have to take some detours to get from A to B makes it so much easier to follow those detours.

I think it’s a mindset thing, where if you have your mind set on things working out only 1 way as soon as something happens you get flustered and abandon the whole plan. That is a bad thing and something you can avoid if you are willing to change things up.

Let’s say for example you have a recipe that you really want to make tonight. You are rolling along making things work in the kitchen and then all of a sudden that can of corn you could have sworn was in the pantry is nowhere to be found. Your dinner is almost done, ready to be put in the oven and then served to the family. But now it’s ruined by 1 missing ingredient.

You could throw your hands up and then toss the meal because it's all ruined and then just order takeout to feed your family. Or you could look around and see what else you have on hand to finish the recipe, not exactly as written but something that still sounds amazing and will feed your family nicely.

Which route do you take? Spend money on takeout, or check the freezer and find that bag of frozen corn that will work perfectly in your recipe.

I know what I would do, use the frozen corn and then hope that my kids will like the meal.


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