Tips and Tricks – Find Free Events for Kids

Now I am not one for finding lots of things for my kids to do, even when they were little. We spent a lot of time at home with the things we already had. But I did take advantage of many programs that were at our library and used parks to tire them out. So when you want to find something to do with your kids there are plenty of free or inexpensive things to do. Check out the library, park districts or even just get together at a park with your friends and their kids. You do not need to spend a lot to entertain your kids, and remember its ok for them to be bored. Though for some reason that never happens here, if they ever say they are bored I’m very quick to give them an extra chore to do to help them not be bored.

Tips and Tricks – Declutter

Declutter, I’m serious here. The more stuff you have around the more it will clutter your mind as it clutters your living space. I know that for me this is very true. After a long break with the kids home and I don’t have the time or energy to keep things cleaned up in the living area I am no where near as productive as I usually am. But once things are cleaned up and I’ve gotten things either put where they belong or I’ve gotten rid of things.

Tips and Tricks – Shopping lists

Copy of Stop collecting   Start selling


One of the fastest ways to increase the cost of your shopping trip is to purchase things that you just don’t need. That is why it is best to always have a shopping list, one that you have really thought through and has everything on it that you need. Then the hard part – stick to the list do not add anything else into the shopping cart.

Tips and Tricks – Male your own gifts

Make your own gifts

With the holidays fast approaching the time for giving and receiving gifts is here. To save some money and still give gifts to the people you want to why don’t you make the gifts yourself. This will work for any budget you have. For personalized and very inexpensive gifts you can think about gift jars that contain cookie mixes, pancake mixes, or hot coco mixes. You can make a bunch of these quickly and people will love them. If you have a bit bigger budget, a talent for a craft and more time you can personalize a handmade gift to people.