Tips and Tricks – Eat at Home

Ok, this month we have been talking about ways to save money with your meals. I know that for many this is a big category where money is spent. It takes some time and dedication to get this under control if it a big problem. If you find that avoiding fast food, and planning your meals where you batch cook is just to hard to be consistent with then this is where I want you to start. Eat at home, even if that means you pick up fast food, get a carry out meal or have something delivered at home. Then I want you to not by beverages, use what you have at home. This will save you money by not buying drinks, and if you can go pick up the food yourself you can avoid a delivery fee and tipping the person who is delivering your food. Make this a habbit and then move on to the next step, of meal planning and using batch cooking to save even more.

Tips and Tricks – Batch Cook Meals

Having a plan and then following through can be difficult and when you are overwhelmed that can be the moment where you make the choiseyou really don’t want to and grab food out. But if you take some time on 1 day to create a whole lot of meals that you then store for when you plan then you can avoid this trap. And batch cooking can be as easy as taking an hour and assembling a bunch of dump and go chicken meals. You know the kind where you dump some chicken into a gallon ziplock bag and then dump in some seasoing ingredients or sauces. Pinterest has many many recipes just like this, and ones that have more than just chicken. Though I like chicken because I know my kids will eat it.

Tips and Tricks – Drink more water

In the grand scheme of things we need water, our bodies are mainly made up of water right?

But most of us (me included at tiems) do not drink enough water. I know I’d much rather grab that diet brown pop, I gave up the fully leaded stuff a few years ago. Diet brown pop, of any varriety but especially Coke Zero is my favorite is a very big weak point for me. Even when I gravitate to Walmarts generic the price for a 2 liter is still 84-87 cents. And we can go throught a lot, one a day at times. So this adds up.

So to save money, to help you get properly hydrated grab a bottle of water that you fill up yoursef. If you don’t like the water where you are then invest in a filter. Even with a filter you will save money in the long run so your wallet and your body will thank you.

Tips and Tricks – Have Friends Over Instead of Going Out

We all like to get together with friends. But doing that frequently sure can add up cost wise. Why not get together with your friends at your own homes. Make it a potluck movie or game night. Where the host provides the drinks, game or movie and everyone else brings the food. This will spread the whole cost among all the people coming and you can all relax a bit more at friends houses instead of when you’re out and about with lots of strangers. By rotating hosts no one person/couple is forced to always do the last minute cleaning for people coming over and when its your turn to host you will have the push you need to get your house cleaned. I think this is a win win.

Tips and Tricks – Repair instead of replace

When something breaks I know that the first response is to go and try to replace the item. Over time this can cost quite a bit, to keep costs lower you might want to look into purchasing things that are higher quality that you can then repair. This would cost more initially but over the long term you would be saving money. For me I spend more on clothes, especially jeans that last years especially now that my kids are not growing as fast anymore. When they were younger I’d spend more on backpacks, with my son I only bought him 2 for school from pre-school throughout high school.