Tips and Tricks – Drink more water

Lets behonest here, if you are like me you do not drink enough water every day. So this tip is actually something you should be doing anyway. When you go out or even at home if you drink water instead of soda, tea, coffee, juice or alcohol you will save a lot of money. Even if you need to buy a filter to filter the water that comes from your  sink. So try it for a week or a month and see what happens.

Tips and Tricks – Don’t Spend a Lot Entertaining Kids

Let’s be honest, kids these days have a lot of activities on their calendar. From sports to enrichment outings, to just going out to do something fun.  Do they really need all of this? Some yes need to be kept busy, I had one, why not take them to the parks in your town instead of to outings that cost a lot. Instead of always getting the latest and greatest hot toy, why not give them paper and crayons. If money is tight you really can supply your kids with what need for very little money, it just takes some legwork and planning.

Tips and Tricks – Declutter your belongings

If you have a lot of things that you are not using, they are just cluttering up your space. I know that for me the clutter is very distracting and I find that I am less productive the more cluttered my environment is. So why not declutter things, you can donate your unused things, or you can sell them to earn a little money.

Tips and Tricks – Repair Not Replace

In this day and age we seem to only use disposable things, its so much easier to buy something new and throw out the broken item.  Instead try and repair any broken items instead of replacing them.  It’s usually cheaper to repair instead of replace. If you need to replace things, save up and buy a version that you can repair. Like buy shoes that you can resole instead of cheaper ones that you can not.