Tips and Tricks – Eat at Home

Ok, this month we have been talking about ways to save money with your meals. I know that for many this is a big category where money is spent. It takes some time and dedication to get this under control if it a big problem. If you find that avoiding fast food, and planning your meals where you batch cook is just to hard to be consistent with then this is where I want you to start. Eat at home, even if that means you pick up fast food, get a carry out meal or have something delivered at home. Then I want you to not by beverages, use what you have at home. This will save you money by not buying drinks, and if you can go pick up the food yourself you can avoid a delivery fee and tipping the person who is delivering your food. Make this a habbit and then move on to the next step, of meal planning and using batch cooking to save even more.