Tips and Tricks – Drink more water

In the grand scheme of things we need water, our bodies are mainly made up of water right?

But most of us (me included at tiems) do not drink enough water. I know I’d much rather grab that diet brown pop, I gave up the fully leaded stuff a few years ago. Diet brown pop, of any varriety but especially Coke Zero is my favorite is a very big weak point for me. Even when I gravitate to Walmarts generic the price for a 2 liter is still 84-87 cents. And we can go throught a lot, one a day at times. So this adds up.

So to save money, to help you get properly hydrated grab a bottle of water that you fill up yoursef. If you don’t like the water where you are then invest in a filter. Even with a filter you will save money in the long run so your wallet and your body will thank you.

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