25 Days of Christmas – Day 5


For Day 5 let’s create some family memories. Get your family some Christmas PJs, you should be able to find some inexpensively at Walmart or stores like that. You could go with matching ones or individual styles for each family member. Yes an older kid might find this cheesy but this will set you up for those Christmas morning pictures. I think that this gift is more for the memories made than anything else.

25 Days of Christmas – Day 4


For Day 4 let’s think about doing something for others and having fun doing it.  My suggestion today is to get a group together and go volunteer somewhere. There are plenty of places that need help, you can go to a place like Feed My Starving Children and pack meals. Or go help out someplace local to you that needs help. This is something that would be a great tradition to start, you will be helping others and I know for me when I do something for others it helps me to feel better and happy.

Menu Plan Monday 12/3

A normal week, I hope.

Monday –  Breakfast for dinner
Tuesday – BBQ Chicken
Wednesday – Frozen dinners/leftovers
Thursday –  Chili Mac with cornbread
Friday – Tacos

With each meal I will serve a veggie and a salad with it, unless otherwise noted.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Dinner at home might be more work, but if you plan things right it is well worth the effort nutritionally and to your pocket book.” quote=”Dinner at home might be more work, but if you plan things right it is well worth the effort nutritionally and to your pocket book.”]

25 Days of Christmas – Day 3


For Day 3 lets think about self care. Why don’t you think about making bath salts for people.Most likely you have the majority of ingredients already.

All you need is some

  • Coarse sea salt
  • Epsom salts
  • Baking soda
  • Essential oils or Food coloring if you want
Now I personally leave out the food coloring, I am trying to be more natural with the things I use and I always worry about staining in the tub so I’ve never used it. You can make a huge batch to give out to many or smaller batches that are more personalized to the gift recipient.

I like keeping a supply of bath salts on hand as last minute gifts for anyone who I might have forgotten or gives us a gift that I wasn’t expecting and I want to return the favor and show my appreciation.

25 Days of Christmas – Day 2


For Day 2 I have an interesting gift idea for you. During the holidays there are lots of concerts at schools, churches, community centers and such. Why not extend an invitation to a friend or family member and take them to your favorite Christmas concert. This could be a fun night out for you and your friends or family. Along with the concert, you can have dinner at home or out to make a night of it.